(Please note the images in the following instruction still reflect SteemFest 2017 - Lisbon, but it all works the same for SteemFest Bangkok 2019 !)

  • So you want to come to Bangkok for SteemFest? GREAT!
  • So you want to pay with Steem / SBD or BTS? Even greater! Put those rewards to use!

I've tried to make it as obvious as possible, however if the crypto world is new to you 'memo', 'keys', 'sbd', 'steem' and such might sound frightening. Don't worry it's not and once you notice you can transfer money within 3 seconds notice from your end to SteemFest, you don't ever want to go back!

Ok, the gist: 

1. Fill out your Steem username in the payment field on https://steemfest.com/#tickets and pick your ticket type. (Hover over the Ticket Types to learn more about them and their costs in Steem/SBD/BTS). Note that a unique memo key is regenerated/updated every time you hit a keystroke. 

3. Click on 'Generate Payment Links'

4. Now the instructions change to what you should do next: 

5. Click on the hyperlinked '1. Click here to email your unique memo code to steemfest@gmail.com'

6. Compose the email and hit send. You will get a 'manual reply' to claim your ticket on the email you used to send us the initial memo key. 

7. Once you have sent the email, it's time to pay. 

8. Go to Steemit.com/yourusername/transfers (or follow the link for BTS) and transfer the amount due (which you just also sent in the email) - note that prices in crypto vary due to the market changes. You can also just click directly on Steem / SBD links to checkout using Steemconnect! 

9. Fill out the amount, to: steemfest, and use the memo-key you announced to us in the email! 

10. When all is done and you have sent your amount, we will manually process all transfers (twice a day or even more) and check for corresponding emails in our inbox, to which we will issue the 'ticket code' which you need to claim your ticket with. (Which is as simple as clicking the unique link in the mail you receive from us, manually). 

If you have more questions feel free to send an email to support@steemfest.com