You can pay your ticket in various ways: 

Remarks when buying with Steem/SBD/BTS:

  1. If you buy with Steem/SBD/BTS you will need to generate a unique memo key on the website which you should use to transfer the amount due and mail that memo to as well. On the website you can just click the preformatted links so no need to type anything manually, except your username and pick the ticket-type you want. 
  2. We validate Steem/SBD/BTS transactions mostly twice a day (and don't worry, your transaction is recorded in the blockchain, yay!) and mail you back a 'coupon-code' which you need to use on the SteemFest ticket shop to actually claim your ticket. 

Read the indepth article on How to Buy your ticket with Steem / SBD / BTS here

Remarks when buying in the regular ticketshop and paying with BTC using Bitpay: Please use the exact amount as stated in the payment instruction or there will be delays in processing your payment. All payments in the ticketshop at Paydro are handled by a third party provider. If you run into problems: the ticketshop has it's own dedicated (live) support. 

All participants should bring their digital ticket (please don't print) to SteemFest Lisbon, so we can check you in with greatest ease.